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For PURPOSE-DRIVEN Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Business Owners!

Breaking The Prosperity MindPower Code

  • Unlock the code to release overwhelming anxiety, conflicts, & stress.

  • Uncover the code to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Discover the code to achieve high performance, prosperity & freedom.


“Thank to Naomi & Rami the training was IMMEDIATELY USEFUL and even though it was designed to address BUSINESS it EFFORTLESSLY ENCOMPASSED MY PERSONAL AND FAMILY LIFE TOO.

Declan Spring

Entrepreneur , Realtors Coach

This is a chance that everybody has to give to themselves. You worth to live your life of dreams. Naomi and Rami can really help you to achieve those goals and to become who you always want to be

Azita Alavi

Leadership trainer, coach and speaker

Meet Naomi & Rami Bareket

From the depth of our hearts, we firmly believe that the day you were born is the day God decided the world cannot exist without you.

Therefore, we enjoy working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders as our NLP meta-skill is so powerful and empowering that we must make sure our client’s values match ours too.

We are dedicated to helping people reach their unlimited inner resources.

We are initially from Israel, and growing up and running an 8 figures company in an intense country where rapid and intense changes make you resilient and become the most flexible and creative entrepreneur.

As top NLP high performance trainers, and with over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience, we developed powerful training experiences in human understanding, communication, and personal growth.

We are devoted continue researching the NLP field to expand its reach and apply it to the domains of health, wealth, and spirituality, combining our MBA, the Kabbalah, and Jewish Wisdom into our programs.

This is What Makes the Difference!

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