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My friend’s mom met me at a kfar ha-maccabia (sport club) years ago and told me how her daughter told her growing up that she loved to go to Naomi’s home because it was always a happy house.

Childhood friends keep reminding me of joyful time spent at my childhood home.

Although we grew up 8 kids in a small apartment of 2 bedrooms,(boys’ rooms and girls’ rooms), our friends were always at our home, even slept over.

Sometimes we might forget what we want the most. People get confused between the means and ends.

Many people think, if I only had more money I’d be happier, but apparently it doesn’t work that way.

This is just one of a belief that you were programmed to believe. And then you are stressed out to achieve your next purchase of tangible things. But if you look at the stressed time that many don’t enjoy, that might cost your health and relationship. Was it worth it?If you enjoy the process with enthusiasm (=with G-d in Greek) and you are here to serve and live your higher purpose, then it is fun “stress” (some believe that there’s “healthy stress” that moves you forward). I’m not here to tell you what the words mean for each one differently, but I’m here to tell you that it’s your time to unravel the confusion.

Those are internal conflicts that make you stuck. Did you know that your performance in life and your results are derived mainly from your belief system. This is a belief system or paradigm that you were programmed and got planted into you.

How is it that millions of babies are born each day, will learn a different language chosen for them, different religion, different values?

And now he or she grows up and they are programmed to believe that their culture or religion is the best, their political preference is the best. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them had better not speak to them or at least not speak with them about their opinion (and who knows if that’s their opinion, that’s their planted beliefs).

You didn’t have the filters as a baby. All you wanted was to survive, to be accepted, learn by rewards and punishments. And now you grew up and your filters are operated based on what was programmed into you.

So now you probably understand more why I’m so enthusiastically devoted to help people remove these planted beliefs, only those that are limiting you, make you stuck. I enjoy doing it any time because I know that we are all created by G-d and we all deserve to live in alignment with our true purpose and with who we are best deep inside our souls, filtering out these constant voices of what we were programmed to believe.

If you want to live a more productive life, happy life with enthusiasm contact me for a limiting belief breakthrough.

 With love always!