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The word FIREWORK can be negative or positive depending on what you do with your inner content.

Do you outburst of anger or other negative emotion? Or do you create beautiful lights, celebrate your life, and shine your unique inner spark on the world?

G-d gifted you with a free will, so turn your resentment into compassion. Burn away contamination and let the bitterness be gone. Distance yourself from negativity as if you were evacuated from boiling fire. Negative attitude won’t solve the problem or turn off the fire, but self-controlling and focusing on recovery will!

Your experience is stored in your mind and soul. Heal your past wounds and learn from your experience.  Otherwise the fire in your soul blisters you up. Turn your fire and experience from fiery or failure to enlightenment or feedback. Every day consider your life in new light.

Free yourself of unwarranted fear.  Only fear G-d, so you fire out your inner divine spark and do good deeds. Reclaim freedom from self-capture. Break your limiting barriers. Replace your fear of letting go with love and faith.

We are like fireworks which can shine our light. Ignite your light and brightness, and let it shine out.